Household Networking & Computer Needs

Take the complexity out of home networking.

Over the past decade, Roam Free Solutions has installed every version of Microsoft and Apple's operating systems. We specialize in portable technologies, such as smartphones, tablets and iPods and are also experienced in personal media solutions, such as the Slingbox, TiVo, AppleTV and Windows Media Center. If it’s possible to do on a computer, chances are we’ve already done it.

Examples of successful solutions include:
Designed and installed a state-of-the-art Wireless N network (five times faster than the current 802.11g standard) for a luxury condominium in downtown Chicago. This network was designed to provide simultaneous
Automated network backup
Streaming media
Wireless Internet access
File sharing
Network printing and scanning
Installed a distributed personal media system in a luxury condominium using the wireless network already in place. Using this system, our client - who is not tech-savvy - is now able to play all of his music and movies through his home theater system and control everything from his iPhone.